Control Plane Customers

Case Studies From a Few of Our Favorite Customers


SAFE Health is a Digital Health and Connected Diagnostics Marketplace Platform that is operated in partnership with the Mayo Clinic. With SAFE, organizations can launch digital health apps in weeks – helping to triage low-acuity health issues through digital diagnostics, provider teleconferencing, integrated prescription delivery, and more.

For us to do the kind of work that Control Plane is doing, we would have had to hire 10-15 skilled DevOps engineers. And probably 30 as we expand our infrastructure internationally.

Dimy Jeannot
Dimy JeannotCTO

Upsie provides customers with a better warranty option for electronic devices than plans sold by stores and manufacturers. With prices that cost up to 70% less, quick repairs, and fantastic customer service, Upsie is the smarter way to warranty.

We can do the same things we could do in Heroku (so we don't have to go low-level in AWS) but Control Plane gives us fine-grained control over the resources allocated to an individual process.

Jame Mackson
Jame MacksonHead of Engineering

The machinery and technologies used on the farm to grow crops increasingly grow data also – whether the GPS track of a planter, the fuel consumption of a combine, or the average tons-per-acre of a spreader. For most farms, even large ones, this data is too fragmented and siloed to be useful to the grower – or anyone else for that matter.

Control Plane has allowed us to go from concept to production so much faster than before. Something that would take days or weeks can be accomplished in hours.

Max Feinberg
Max FeinbergCTO

Subject is an accredited learning platform that empowers school districts to deliver quality education to any learner – augmenting a district’s existing educators. The company is addressing a huge problem in the current education system, and one made even more pressing by the pandemic: how to deliver equal educational opportunities amid vast inequalities in socioeconomic status, district resources, and educator staffing.

For us to work with these large school districts, we need to ensure student privacy and be able to check the right boxes. Control Plane makes this much easier.

Nantana Minale
Nantana MinaleDirector of Engineering is a technology marketplace and aggregator. They offer data center colocation, cloud, connectivity, hardware, software, and managed services from providers worldwide. Visitors can quickly search data center listings, compare provider offerings and purchase technology solutions.

I’d find out the next morning that the server had been down – and our site with it. I knew we had to eliminate single points of failure.

Mike Price
Mike PriceCTO

Acoer provides healthcare organizations rich, relevant, interoperable, out of the box RESTful APIs which serve as the internal gearing to build modern healthcare applications that are transparent and trustworthy. Jim Nasr, Acoer’s CEO, sees the company’s role similarly to that of the internal movement makers in the watch industry – offering unfailingly reliable internal mechanisms which companies can use as the building blocks for higher-level apps.

Cloud cost is always a consideration, but the indirect costs were our real concern – the cost of redoing work and having key developers spend 20% of their time on DevOps. Control Plane allows us to optimize both direct and indirect cloud costs.

Jim Nasr
Jim NasrCEO

Casai is a hospitality concept designed for today’s generation of technology nomads. Casai offers customers beautiful, curated apartments in Brazil and Mexico that merge the design and comforts of a boutique hotel with the technology of a San Francisco home and the local ambiance of a vacation rental.cplnbreakAbout 50% of Casai’s bookings come through their marketing website, which is built on Django with a React front end. The remaining 50% comes through third parties like Airbnb managed through a property management system (PMS) called Guesty.cplnbreakCasai acquired Loopkey – a physical access management platform – early in 2022 to enable Casai to improve and automate the process of giving and removing access to properties.

I never want to be the bottleneck. I don’t mind getting involved in specialized cases, but I don’t want to be the keeper of AWS and have to jump in every time one of our developers needs to deploy. Control Plane helps our developers operate independently.

Daniel Sandoval
Daniel SandovalVP of Engineering

IIInigence is a 40-person digital solutions agency building custom web and mobile applications spanning blockchain, gaming, and more. The firm works with dozens of clients across industries. Some of these clients specify their own cloud, but for most, IIInigence is responsible to requirements. cplnbreak IIInigence usually builds three environments for each project – one for development, one for testing, and one for production.

Control Plane eliminates over 50% of our DevOps work. We have two DevOps engineers and they’re running out of things to do. It’s a good problem to have.

Jude Lee
Jude LeeCEO