From Many Clouds, One™

The Cloud is your Oyster™

Deploy & operate microservices 10x faster

Focus 100% on Dev, 0% on Ops.

Kubernetes, Istio, TLS, ingress?


DevOps without the Ops

Re-allocate Ops-related time (scaling, load balancing, secrets management, certificates, logging, metrics, monitoring, alerting, key rotation, K8s, service mesh, MTLS, ingress, etc.) to pure development.

Eliminate 90%+ of the 'Ops' related burdens to focus on code and the functionality that matters to your customers. The platform gives your workloads 99.999% availability, unbreakable TLS-terminated endpoints, serverless billing, auto-scaling to billions of users, and all the observability and ops-related controls needed to run in production.

Be production-ready on minute one


Guaranteed Production Readiness

The Control Plane platform comprises finely tuned open source components working in unison, providing microservices operators granular control over deployment and day-2 operations. It has extensive observability, fine-grained access control, audit trail, and all the 'knobs and levers' needed to run production-grade backends confidently.

Production readiness is much more than just getting an endpoint to run successfully. Your workload must scale (up and down), its log data collected; its metrics must be measurable and observable, secrets rotated periodically, it must be secure, correctly routed to, utilize MTLS between services, and much, much more.

Serverless? Containers? Neither?


Run Containers Serverless

The platform provides complete control over scaling workloads. In regions with no/low user requests, scaling can be set to zero, incurring no cost since container instances are not running.

Whether or not you have a Dockerfile, the platform containerizes the application (new or legacy code) and auto-scales it based on your specified scaling settings.


Mix-n-Match AWS, Azure, and GCP services in a single workload!

Multi-Cloud != settling for the lowest common denominator. Now your microservices consume any/all best-in-class services simultaneously!

The best tools for the job usually aren’t on a singlecloud


Universal Cloud Identity™

Workloads seamlessly access the UNION of all the services AWS, Azure, and GCP have to offer.

A single cloud's set of services confine software architects. Not anymore. Control Plane's patented technology allows workloads to easily consume ANY combination of services from AWS, Azure, and GCP from a single workload. For example, AWS S3, DynamoDB + GCP BigQuery, BigTable + Azure AD, SQL Server.

Least privilege principle strictly enforced


Strictly enforce Least Privilege Principle

Granular and cloud-neutral policy controls enforce workload access to precise resources. For example, a workload can read "bucket A" and write to "bucket B," and nothing else.

  • AWS
  • Azure
  • Google Cloud Platform

An admin grants access to a workload, while a developer manages the workload without having the same access to the resource.

Securely consume services inside VPCs and on-prem private networks


Cloud Wormhole™: Securely consume services inside VPCs and on-prem private networks.

Using our unique Cloud Wormhole™ technology, workloads securely and efficiently call any TCP/UDP endpoints behind a firewall, such as in a private data center or inside a VPC.

A single workload can consume endpoints from multiple cloud accounts across different clouds. For example, MySQL on AWS, Postgres on GCP, and Active Directory on Azure. No need to configure security groups, routing tables, etc.

Multi-Region, Multi-Cloud

DONE in 60 seconds without an army of SREs!

Meet the Global Virtual Cloud™ (GVC™)

To create a GVC™ environment, select regions (AWS + GCP + Azure). Click Save and voilà! The workload now runs in every region/cloud of the GVC™.

Workloads benefit from independent region scaling, load balancing, geo-DNS routing based on real-time latency measurements, and much more.

Reduce runtime costs with Capacity AI™

Security-isolated Kubernetes clusters run with elastically optimized CPU and RAM

Dockerfile? No Dockerfile? – No problem


Run Cloud Native

If your code does not include a Dockerfile, the Control Plane platform correctly containerizes your app, regardless of language or framework.

  • AWS
  • Azure
  • Google Cloud Platform

Using a combination of Capacity AI and scale-to-zero gives all the benefits of serverless without needing to re-architect existing code.

Kubernetes, Knative and Istio are all there


We operate K8s, Istio, Prometheus, Grafana, etc., so you don't have to

Reduce engineering resources spent on maintaining versions, ensuring compatibility, updating bits, monitoring, scaling, securing, troubleshooting, etc. Focus on what matters – added customer value.

The Control Plane platform orchestrates an unlimited number of Kubernetes clusters at scale and precision. Deploy and operate without running K8s, Istio, Prometheus, DNS, load balancers, etc. To ensure 99.999% availability, the platform provides all the observability, knobs & levers required.

You can stand up Kubernetes clusters, but why?


Focus on your API

Do your customers care if you run K8s clusters? No. What matters is that your endpoint is up, available, scalable, and secure.

Control Plane runs a large fleet of elastically-scaled K8s clusters in all the major clouds and regions of the world – so you don’t have to. Instantly deploy, operate and observe microservices without the fuss, complexity, and unneeded costs.