Flexibility to Mix-n-Match any Combination of Backing Services

Unlock unparalleled workload portability with the Control Plane Universal Cloud Identity™

Gain complete portability and avoid cloud vendor lock-in

Experience complete portability for your workloads with the Control Plane Universal Cloud Identity™, enabling them to run on any cloud or on-prem while consuming a comprehensive mix of services from AWS, GCP, and/or Azure.

Control Plane has allowed us to go from concept to production so much faster than before. Something that would take days or weeks can be accomplished in hours.

Max Feinberg
Max FeinbergCTO Verdova

Unlock True Multi-Cloud Agility!

Run apps anywhere - on AWS, Azure, GCP, Linode, Hetzer, on-prem, and more. Tailor your infrastructure while avoiding cloud lock-in. Consume any combination of services across cloud(s). Some examples:

  • Use AWS S3 + GCP BigQuery + Azure Cosmos DB

  • Deploy apps on Linode while using AWS database services

  • Deploy apps on Azure while using on-prem data stores

  • Run ML workloads leveraging services across all major clouds

Control Plane simplified our operations, offering seamless multi-cloud management and streamlined Kubernetes operations.

Jay Eberhard
Jay EberhardSenior Platform Engineer Outrider

Break Free from Cloud Service Constraints

Escape the limitations of individual cloud service offerings and leverage any service from the hyperscalers, even when running compute off-cloud on secondary-cloud providers like Hetzner, Linode, or on-premises infrastructure.

Cost Optimization and Performance. The Sky’s the Limit.

Unlock the true potential of cloud computing with Control Plane, empowering you to craft your ideal cloud environment. Drive innovation while minimizing overhead costs and avoiding vendor lock-in.

Embrace the open future of cloud computing.

By offering the flexibility to mix and match services, organizations can optimize costs, streamline workflows, and effectively implement multi-cloud strategies for enhanced efficiency and agility.

With Universal Cloud Identity™, you have the freedom to build your cloud, your way. Gain portability, flexibility, and choice - all from a single control plane.