Freedom to Run Compute Anywhere

Freedom to run apps seamlessly on any cloud(s), on-premises environment(s), and more.

Seamlessly Develop, Deploy, and Manage with Control Plane

Global Virtual Clouds™ (GVC™) Built for Flexibility

  • Create an unlimited number of Global Virtual Clouds™ (GVC™), which are collections of locations within one or multiple cloud regions, including on-premises environments.

  • Locations can encompass those from AWS, GCP, Azure, secondary cloud providers like Hetzner, Oracle, Linode, and more, as well as on-premises bare metal machines or virtual machines (VMs).

Geo-Routing and Resilience

  • Deployed backend code within a GVC™ instantly serves as TLS endpoints with built-in geo-routing.

  • In case of outages, users are seamlessly redirected to the nearest healthy location within the GVC™, ensuring continuous availability and minimal latency.

  • SLA of 99.999% availability and ultra-low latency for all end-users.

Screenshot shows workload deployed across multiple locations within a GVC

Ensure high availability and low latency for your users by automatically distributing your workloads across strategic cloud locations.

Customization Options

Screenshot shows flexible inbound and outbound request controls

Tailor your network security by precisely controlling the flow of traffic to and from your applications.

Components of a GVC™

A GVC™ can consist of the following:

  • Locations provided by Control Plane: Workloads deployed to these locations run on Control Plane’s pre-existing clusters, eliminating the hassle of setting up your own clusters or creating your own cloud accounts. Control Plane offers all locations from AWS, GCP, and Azure.

  • Locations provided by you or your customers.

  • A hybrid combination of both 1 and 2.