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A typical workload costs less than $5 per month per location. No contracts, minimums, or lock-ins

  • Provided by Control Plane
  • Self-Hosted


Capacity AI allocates a continuously optimized number of vCPU millicores (1/1000 of a vCPU) and RAM to guarantee a significant cost saving.

Visit Documentation to Learn More$ 0.06120645 per millicore-month


Capacity AI reduces RAM consumption by approx. 10x, achieving significant cost savings.

Visit Documentation to Learn More$ 0.00696654 per megabyte-month


Control Plane offers optional persistent storage for your workloads. You pay per GB-month of provisioned storage.

Visit Documentation to Learn More

General Purpose SSD

$ 0.20934236 per GB-month

High Throughput SSD

$ 0.33632859 per GB-month


$ 5 per snapshot-month


Pay per GB-month of storage. The first 100 GB-months are free.

$ 0.15 per GB-month




Egress traffic

Egress traffic

Egress traffic represents the amount of data that is sent to the internet from your workloads.

$ 0.12 per GB
Dedicated load balancing

Dedicated load balancing

For advanced use cases, you can provision a dedicated load balancer per GVC. You pay per load balancer-month.

Visit Documentation to Learn More$ 60 per load balancer-month
Provided by Control Plane$0.0

Don't Pay For

NAT gateways

Internet gateways

TLS certificates

DNS and global DNS

Secrets storage and management

Container registry storage and management

Log storage and consolidation


Shared load balancing

Audit trail

Container orchestration (e.g., K8s)

Service mesh (e.g., Istio)

VPN between VPCs


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If you have a Kubernetes cluster, you can use our K8s cost savings calculator to calculate the cost savings when running workloads on the Control Plane Platform vs running them on your cloud provider

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