Customer Spotlight: Allio Finance

Achieving Faster Time-to-Market
Key Details
Efficient Resource Utilization
Faster Time-to-Market
Seamless Serverless Deployment
Terraform integration for Flexibility
Comprehensive Security Controls
Exceptional Support and Documentation
Allio Finance
Institution Snapshot

Allio Finance LLC is a fintech company dedicated to providing a comprehensive micro-investment solution for customers navigating and trading in the stock market.

Challenges Leading to Control Plane Exploration

The company sought a solution to reduce development and operational resources while efficiently provisioning its Node.js app in a serverless manner.

Control Plane’s Features That Stood Out
  • Seamless Dockerfile to TLS endpoint without fuss
  • SOC2 compliance with comprehensive audit trail and fine-grained access controls
  • Complete Terraform support
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Many integrations with external tools, like Datadog
Streamlining Resource Efficiency for Micro-Investments

Allio Finance faced a central challenge in optimizing both development and operational resources while striving to implement a serverless architecture for its Node.js apps. The intricacies of managing resources efficiently in a micro-investment setting, where agility and responsiveness are paramount, necessitated a solution that could simplify deployment processes, reduce manual intervention, and enhance overall operational efficiency.

The complexity of provisioning resources for Node.js apps in a serverless environment posed challenges related to resource coordination, access control, and security. Allio Finance aimed to address these challenges to ensure a smooth deployment process, minimize downtime, and create a foundation for rapid experimentation and migration within its existing AWS VPC resources.

In seeking a solution, the overarching goal was to find a comprehensive solution that not only addressed the immediate resource optimization challenges but also contributed to faster time-to-market and a streamlined operational workflow for their micro-investment solutions.

We faced the challenge of optimizing resources for micro-investments, prompting the search for a solution that could streamline development, operations, and serverless deployment of our Node.js apps.

David Chen
David ChenPrincipal Engineer
Control Plane's Solution: A Comprehensive Approach to Resource Efficiency
Serverless Containerization

Control Plane's support for serverless containers, codified as Docker images, became a pivotal feature for Allio Finance. This allowed the company to efficiently deploy and manage its Node.js apps without the overhead of traditional server management, leading to enhanced resource utilization and a more agile infrastructure.

Compliance and Security Measures

Meeting industry standards such as SOC2 compliance was integral for Allio Finance. Control Plane's commitment to security, complete with tamper-proof audit trail and access controls, provided the necessary assurances for regulatory compliance. This ensures that micro-investment operations were conducted within a secure and auditable framework.

Integration with Terraform

The seamless integration with Terraform proved instrumental in Allio Finance's resource coordination and experimentation. The ability to work with existing AWS VPC resources, coupled with Terraform's infrastructure as code capabilities, empowered the company to easily adapt to evolving requirements and swiftly migrate applications.

Technical Support and Documentation

Control Plane's commitment to customer success was evident in the smooth implementation process facilitated by the platform's support teams. Extensive documentation, including example GitLab/GitHub CI repositories, provided Allio Finance with valuable resources for navigating and maximizing the platform's capabilities.

Zero Downtime Deployment

Control Plane's solution ensured zero downtime during the deployment of test and production backend apps. This not only contributed to a seamless user experience but also enhanced the reliability of Allio Finance's micro-investment solutions.

Efficiency Gains and Time-to-Market

Allio Finance experienced significant efficiency gains through the implementation and maintenance of serverless containers on Control Plane. The platform's role in achieving faster time-to-market, accelerating the company's marketing timeline by six months, demonstrated its tangible impact on operational timelines and business objectives.

Compared to alternative solutions, Control Plane stands out by saving time and streamlining the coordination of different resources for infrastructure provisioning.

David Chen
David ChenPrincipal Engineer

In essence, Control Plane's solution not only addressed the immediate challenges posed by resource optimization but also provided a foundation for ongoing operational efficiency, security, and adaptability in the dynamic landscape of micro-investments in the fintech sector. The platform's features, support, and future-oriented roadmap positioned it as a valuable asset for Allio Finance's continued success.