Customer Spotlight: IIInigence

IndustrySoftware Development
Institution Snapshot

IIInigence is a 40-person digital solutions agency building custom web and mobile applications spanning blockchain, gaming, and more. The firm works with dozens of clients across industries. Some of these clients specify their own cloud, but for most, IIInigence is responsible to requirements.

IIInigence usually builds three environments for each project – one for development, one for testing, and one for production.

Looking for a Middle Ground

IIInigence began using Control Plane in 2021 and quickly found it to be the perfect solution to clients’ varied infrastructure requirements. Jude Lee, IIInigence’ CEO, believes that Control Plane enables the same level of configurability and flexibility as AWS or Azure but the simplicity of a platform like Heroku.

Lee can create new Global Virtual Cloud (GVC) environments in seconds and assign each environment one or more regions on AWS, GCP, or Azure. Usually, IIInigence assigns one region each to the development and testing environments and two or more to production.

Control Plane eliminates over 50% of our DevOps work. We have two DevOps engineers and they’re running out of things to do. It’s a good problem to have.

Jude Lee
Jude LeeCEO
Economical at Any Scale

Most of IIInigence’ clients are early stage, so no single environment is likely to consume huge amounts of compute resources. However, Lee found in many instances that merely having a server or a cluster up and running on AWS incurred substantial costs. With Control Plane, IIInigence compute costs scale precisely with the project’s requirements and since many services like NAT gateways, load balancers, DNS, and the like are included in Control Plane by default, adding environments has an incremental rather than an exponential effect on cost.

Control Plane’s cost model is so efficient that Lee doesn’t even pass along the compute costs for very small projects. As compute costs grow, IIInigence can easily break out compute costs by GVC for billing purposes.

We save about 40% on Control Plane compared to AWS. On AWS, you can spend hundreds of dollars a month on a development environment

Jude Lee
Jude LeeCEO
Futuristic support

Lee has been impressed by the responsiveness and skill level of Control Plane’s support team. Each Control Plane customer gets a Discord channel, and Iiinigence routine support requests are addressed almost instantly. Not only that, but when IIInigence has suggested new functionality, Control Plane has brought the features to production very quickly.

Control Plane’s support is the best I’ve ever experienced. We provide a Discord channel for our customers, but to have that for DevOps is futuristic. When our guys have problems or questions, we get the right person right away.

Jude Lee
Jude LeeCEO

IIInigence is able to provide reliable yet flexible infrastructure for dozens of client projects cost-efficiently with Control Plane.