Customer Spotlight:
IndustryTechnology Marketplace
Institution Snapshot is a technology marketplace and aggregator. They offer data center colocation, cloud, connectivity, hardware, software, and managed services from providers worldwide. Visitors can quickly search data center listings, compare provider offerings and purchase technology solutions.

The company’s technology stack is built on Ruby on Rails with a React frontend.

Preparing for the Unexpected

Like many young companies, started with Heroku for the first version of their application. Mike Price,’s CTO, found that Heroku was expensive if provisioned adequately, but otherwise slow. Reluctantly, Price moved the application to AWS, which addressed the company’s cost concerns without addressing architecture. If something – a bug, a memory leak – caused their application to go down, it required a server restart before things were back up again.

In normal circumstances, this might not create too many issues, but Price wanted “normal” to account for the unexpected. He knew this would require going multi-region and perhaps multi-cloud.

I’d find out the next morning that the server had been down – and our site with it. I knew we had to eliminate single points of failure.

Mike Price
Mike PriceCTO
Resiliency of Multiple Clouds began using Control Plane after a long search for other solutions. Because was originally architected as a monolith, it required collaboration between Price’s team and Control Plane support to plan how to containerize the application and deploy it to two regions of two different cloud providers: AWS and GCP. Right now, their database is hosted directly on AWS, but Price plans to move this to Control Plane in the future.

Since switching to Control Plane, Price has been able to sleep a bit easier. If a replica – or even a region, or a whole cloud – goes down, his site is still up. Despite this Big-Tech-Grade resiliency, Price finds Control Plane to be relatively easy to use. It offers the streamlined developer experience they were looking for in Heroku without the constraints.

We saw a lot of products claiming to be ‘multi-cloud’ but when you got past the fine print, none of them enabled you to deploy to multiple clouds out of the box the way Control Plane does. Most of them required some sort of laborious up-front setup or expensive consulting contracts.

Mike Price
Mike PriceCTO
Flexibility for Change serves customers all over the world, but is currently focused on North America. In the future, Price sees the ability to quickly add regions to their infrastructure in Control Plane as a way to expand the business geographically.

It’s been eight years since the company’s inception and while has gone through numerous iterations, it has remained monolithic in its application architecture. Price is considering the pros and cons of switching to a microservices architecture to gain greater separation of concerns, but knows it’s a big job. The transition to Control Plane gives Price greater flexibility to plan for this project while keeping the current site up and running.

Your business is going to change. That’s the only constant. Your infrastructure has to adapt to new requirements in order to grow. The flexibility we get with Control Plane helps us stay agile and ready for changing requirements.

Mike Price
Mike PriceCTO
Summary gives customers greater transparency and options when shopping for colocation, bare metal and multi-cloud solutions. Control Plane enables to offer resilient yet flexible service to their customers that doesn’t require sleepless nights.