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Doron Grinstein

What is Control Plane?

A high-level description of the Control Plane platform. Future posts will describe the architecture in great detail.

The Control Plane Platform was born out of the need to deliver unbreakable, auto-scaled, low-latency microservices. It is a virtual cloud made up of the three major cloud providers, harnessing all their power at a small fraction of the cost because workloads run serverless and cluster-less. It combines the different locations of AWS, Azure, and GCP for unprecedented low latency, high availability, and the never-before-seen flexibility of consuming any of Azure, GCP, and AWS services from the same workload, without dealing with credentials or IAM complexity. It uses triple-redundant intelligent DNS to provide automatic GEO-routing. Callers get served from healthy clusters nearest them. Finally, Control Plane has codified the OPS-related tasks so developers can focus on the DEV part of DevOps and leave the tedious OPS business to the platform.

You can think of Control Plane as a Kubernetes of Kubernetes-es, where the platform runs Kubernetes, Istio, Prometheus, etc., in multiple clouds in all regions. Still, you don’t have to deal directly with the complexity of all these tools and pay for entire clusters. You get a single pane of glass to manage all your workloads, globally, in one place. The platform’s 10x simplification and reduced time-to-market do not sacrifice any flexibility and give developers all the knobs and levers needed to accomplish their production goals quickly and securely.