From Many Clouds, One™

Run compute anywhere, combine cloud services, boost developer productivity, and slash costs.

Trusted by engineering teams around the world

99.999% uptime

for every app, anywhere

Infinite possibilities

to mix-and-match backend cloud services

60-80% of costs slashed

on cloud compute spend

10/10 customers say

they'd recommend Control Plane to another organization


Virtual Cloud Platform

Serverless? Containers? Neither?


Freedom to Run Compute Anywhere

Run workloads agnostically with 99.999% availability and ultra-low latency

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Kubernetes, Istio, TLS, ingress?


Cost Reduction of 60-80% on Cloud Compute

Optimize runtime costs and accelerate time-to-market

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Be production-ready on minute one


Flexibility to Mix-n-Match any Combination of Backing Services

Combine AWS, GCP, or Azure services across any cloud or on-premises environment

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Be production-ready on minute one


10x Enhancement in Developer Experience, Productivity, and Enablement

Reduce technical debt, streamline workflows, ensure stability, meet compliance standards, and drive faster, cost-effective software development, fostering innovation

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PODCAST: Building Netflix-grade cloud

Control Plane’s CEO, Doron Grinstein speaks with Peter Bell at CTO Connection about what is required to build big-tech-grade cloud infrastructure.


From Many Clouds, One®

The best tools for the job usually aren’t on a singlecloud


Universal Cloud Identity™

Workloads seamlessly access the UNION of all the services AWS, Azure, and GCP have to offer.

Securely consume services inside VPCs and on-prem private networks


Cloud Wormhole™

Securely consume services inside VPCs and on-prem private networks; workloads securely and efficiently can now consume any TCP endpoints behind firewalls, e.g., in private data centers or inside VPCs.

  • AWS
  • Azure
  • Google Cloud Platform
Least privilege principle strictly enforced


Capacity AI

Cloud consumption optimized to run workloads with the exact resources required, nothing else. Capacity AI uses an analysis of historical usage to adjust resources up to a configured maximum to significantly reduce cost

The Cloud is Your Oyster™

Meet the Global Virtual Cloud™ (GVC®)

To create a GVC® environment, select regions (AWS + GCP + Azure). Click Save and voilà! The workload now runs in every region/cloud of the GVC®.

Workloads benefit from independent region scaling, load balancing, geo-DNS routing based on real-time latency measurements, and much more.

Control Plane Under the Hood

Security-isolated Kubernetes clusters run with elastically optimized CPU and RAM

Dockerfile? No Dockerfile? – No problem


Run Cloud Native

If your code does not include a Dockerfile, the Control Plane platform correctly containerizes your app, regardless of language or framework.

  • AWS
  • Azure
  • Google Cloud Platform
Kubernetes, Knative and Istio are all there


Based on Kubernetes with Istio, Prometheus, and Grafana preconfigured

Reduce engineering resources spent on maintaining versions, ensuring compatibility, updating bits, monitoring, scaling, securing, troubleshooting, etc.

You can stand up Kubernetes clusters, but why?


Focus on customer value

Control Plane ensures that your endpoint is up, available, scalable, and secure, while enabling you to utilize the cutting edge of cloud-native tools and services.